Sunlite Roller Skate Plates (Multiple Colors)


The Sunlite nylon roller skate plate gives you the best of both worlds; the lightweight agility you love about nylon plates plus long-lasting durability! They are available in a variety of fun colors to bring personality to your favorite pair of skates.

The Patented V Bracing design gives this plate optimum strength, yet they are 40% lighter than conventional aluminum plates. With a lifetime warranty against breakage, you know you have a great quality skate plate.

Sunlite plates come with aluminum double action trucks that are available in  8mm axle size, making this the most ideal nylon plate for any type of skating!

Please note: plate size is not the same as boot/shoe size. Your boot/shoe size will tell us the plate size you need. Providing us with the length of your sole (measured to the nearest centimeter) will also help us determine the proper plate size.

*The trucks that come with the Sunlite plate are the only trucks that should be used with it. If you use different trucks at your own risk, the warranty will be void*