Roll Line Dance Plate

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The Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame (used to be known as the NOVITA) is the ultra high performance Professional Skate for Dance, Solo Dance, and Dance as the name implies, but it does so much more.

Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame IS the exact SAME Skate Frame as the RING, which was developed for Figure Skating and especially the Loops.
Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame is also wonderfully great for Roller Derby, Quad Roller Ball Hockey, and Rhythm Skating, where there is a great need for weaving and bobbing and quick changes of directions and edges,
Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame is THE absolute BEST.

The Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame is engineered especially for Dance Skating with an Ultra Lightweight Structure designed (similar to the Ring) and a NEW Wider Angle Steering Mechanism and Lower Center of Gravity to allow you to skate those Deep and Sharp Edges at consistently high speeds as used in all kinds of Skating.

Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame is the Professional Skate that (similar to the Energy Steel) is forged from a solid bar of a special Ergal Aluminum Alloy and completely CNC machined. Ergal is one of the Strongest and Lightest Aluminum Alloys available and has a lower expansion coefficient and offers the best coiled-spring response.
Roll-Line Click Action adjustment system provides optimum, accurate, articulate, and consistent Action. The Roll-Line DANCE Skate Frame features the strongest Steel Axles available and adjustable Pivot Pins and has a Toe Stop Mount. The design and materials of Roll-Line Skates provides athletes and casual Skaters alike, the proper support of the skating shoe and give the most sensitive control, the greatest and absolute fastest response available from any skate, providing a sense of great stability and action.

Roll-Line Dance Roller Skate plate

The Best Dance plate with a low center of Gravity.
Plate: Ergal Aluminum alloy
Truck: with 7mm Steel axles and adjustable pivot pins
Cushions: Urethane Suspensions
Toe Stop: Super Professional Natural Toe Stops 
Best for: Dance, Figure & Rhythm
Good for:Freestyle, Jam, Speed, Derby & Hockey

7mm Wheels spacers and mounting hardware are not included.