Moxi Lolly - Factory Seconds (Blems)

$279.99 $369.00
By Moxi

Every factory second Lolly is built with the exact same materials and offers 100% of the fit, performance, and comfort of first run Lollys at a fraction of the price.  The only things separating these boots and skates from full price Lollys are cosmetic blemishes such as: surface-level scratches on the suede uppers, crooked eyelet or hook placement, uneven seams, scratched or chipped wheel graphics, etc.


  • The type of cosmetic blemish will vary from pair to pair and cannot be communicated prior to ordering.  All available inventory has been checked to ensure the severity of the cosmetic blemish is within an acceptable range.
  • Our inventory of factory second AP Lolly skates is attached using both the original 65mm x 40mm Moxi Classic outdoor wheels, and the current 65mm x 35mm Moxi Classic outdoor wheels.  Wheels may vary from pair to pair, but wheel sizing will always be consistent per individual pair of skates.