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Von Merlin T3K Boot Only

The new Von Merlin T3K skate boot is the latest creation from Von Merlin. A new age style/rhythm skate boot that features leather uppers and a lightweight carbon fiber sole and heel, with an ultra stiff upper and ankle area that's fully heat moldable. The stiffness rating can be compared to those of other boots made for high level figure skating, without the flex or breakdown of stiffness over time. 
Note: Sizes are dual whole sizing. Measurements are similar to Nike shoe sizing. 


  • Full grain, Lunar pebbled leather uppers
  • Perforated, high density, Lunar microfiber foam padding
  • Mothership 3K ventilated carbon base (heat moldable)
  • Monocoque, no flex carbon ankle
  • Rolled, Lunar foam achilles padded area
  • Anatomically correct toe box
  • Vulcanized molded rubber toe protection
  • Mercury foam padded and ventilated tongue
  • USP microsphere composite heel
  • High tensile, triple stitched finger pull
  • Rear ankle lace lock
  • Rear finger carry straps
  • High strength, round paracord style laces